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This site is maintained by Giovanni Breda, an Italian collector of Slide Rule.

My intention is to share with other collectors and interested people image and information about my slide rules. Each slide rule is documented by a table containing some information and pictures. By clicking those pictures is possible to have high definition pictures.

The site is not for profit. The rules described are not for sale nor for trade.

If you find out any errors or have any suggestions please e-mail me.

28/01/2017 Added:
ARS027: Aristo MultiLog 0970
ARS028: Aristo Scholar 0903
ARS029: Aristo Darmstadt 0967U
ARS030: Aristo Elektro Nr.914
27/12/2016 Added:
NST108: Nestler N°41
NST109: Nestler N°41 Z
NST110: Nestler N°42 Z
NST111: Nestler N°12a
PIC004: PIC - British Thornton N°270
TAG004: Tavernier-Gravet
TAG005: Tavernier-Gravet
TUU002: TU LSLO 250
TUU003: TU LSLO 250
TUU004: TU
UNI003: Unique Log Log
25/04/2015 Added:
FBC036: Faber Castell 1/98 Elektro
FLT004: La Filotecnica Salmoiraghi Aero Photo
GRP024: Graphoplex Roplex
KEE003: K&E N4081-3
KLP002: KLPZ GOST 5161-57
KON003: Kontropribor KL-1
MCN023: Marcantoni N°23R
NST107: Nestler Nr.11ZR
07/04/2015 Renamed Tochmach in Kontrolpribor
Renamed British Thornton and PIC in PIC - British Thornton
Added: BLU001: Blundell 302 LOG/LOG
09/02/2014 Added:
TUU001: TU LSLO - 250
UNI002: Unique Universal
UNS001: Unis Mannheim
UNS002: Unis Mannheim
VBM001: Veb Mantissa
WIC001: Wichmann
ZZZ002: Rietz
ZZZ004: S.R.E. Elektron 25
ZZZ005: Rietz
ZZZ006: Circular duplex
ZZZ007: Rietz
ZZZ008: Mannheim
08/02/2014 Added:
PCK010: Pickett Model No.4 Vector Hyperbolic Log-Log
PCK011: Pickett Model N 700-T U.S.A.F. Aerial Photo
PHL001: Philips Telecommunications
RCH001: Ricoh No.252
RCH002: Ricoh No.121
RCT003: Richter 375
RSS004: Reiss Darmstadt
RSS005: Reiss Rietz
SPZ005: SPZ Rietz 5161-72
TAG002: Tavernier-Gravet
TCS011: Tecnostyl 41/C4
TCS012: Tecnostyl 41/C
THN001: Tehnolemn Rietz
01/02/2014 Added:
NST075: Nestler Nr.0260
NST077: Nestler Nr.0401 Mercur
NST084: Nestler N°27 Prazision
NST088: Nestler Nr.0330 Chemiker
NST093: Nestler N°33 Chemiker
NST096: Nestler N°40
NST097: Nestler N°37 Electro
NST098: Nestler N°31
NST103: Nestler Nr.0239 Rietz
31/01/2014 Added:
NST078: Nestler Nr.0254 Delta
NST079: Nestler Nr.0218 Darmstadt
NST080: Nestler N°20 Rietz
NST082: Nestler N°20 Rietz
NST083: Nestler N°20 Rietz
NST087: Nestler Nr.0232 Rietz
NST089: Nestler N°23 Rietz
NST092: Nestler Nr.0210 Darmastadt Demo
NST105: Nestler N°23R Rietz
26/01/2014 Added:
NST011: Nestler N°11
NST081: Nestler System Rietz
NST085: Nestler Nr.43 ZO
NST090: Nestler N°2
NST095: Nestler N°3
NST101: Nestler N°3
NST102: Nestler Circular Finance
NST104: Nestler Mannheim
20/01/2014 Added:
NST086: Nestler N°22
NST099: Nestler N°22
NST106: Nestler Polymath Duplex Nr.0129
NST107: Nestler Mod. Giovine N°1
18/01/2014 Added:
ARS026: Aristo Nr.870 Multilog
FLT003: La Filotecnica Salmoiraghi N°521BA
LGX006: Logarex 8
LEG001: Lenoir Gravet
NST108: Nestler Nr.11 R
NST109: Nestler N°6
11/01/2014 Added:
ARS025: Aristo Nr.082
LIN001: Linear
MTH003: Mathematicus No.29
MTH004: Mathematicus No.4
NLT003: Neolt 25D
NST100: Nestler Nr.11 ZM
08/01/2014 Added:
FBC035: Faber Castell 2/82
MSN005: Rietz
MSN006: Rietz 75/2b
MSN007: Darmstadt
06/01/2014 Added:
HMM015: Hemmi NO. 43A
HMM016: Hemmi NO. 135
HMM017: Hemmi NO. 86K
LGX005: Logarex 27403-II
MCN018: N°25 CA
MCN019: N°12.5 RD
MCN020: N°12.5 NA
MCN021: N°25 CH
MCN022: N°12.5 NB
05/01/2014 Added:
FLF001: Flying Fish Type-1005
GRP023: Graphoplex 690a
04/01/2014 Added:
FBC030: Faber Castell Log_Log 57/89
FBC031: Faber Castell D-Stab 52/82
FBC032: Faber Castell Rietz 1/87
FBC033: Faber Castell Elektro 67/98b
FBC034: Faber Castell Rietz 1/87
01/01/2014 Added:
ARS022: Aristo StudioLog 0969
ARS023: Aristo 0602
ARS024: Aristo Studio 868
CTR002: C-Trou
DPP002: Dennert&Pape
EBR005: EcoBra Spezial Nr.R143
FAB004: Faber
FAB005: Faber 361
FAB006: Faber 339 Schulrechenstab
FBC029: Faber Castell Mentor 52/80
25/12/2013 Attribute to SPZ four slide rule formerly "Unknown"
Attribute to KLPZ one slide rule formerly "Unknown"
21/12/2013 Added:
ARS020: Aristo Nr.99k
ARS021: Aristo 89
AVM014: Rietz 12.5
FBC028: Faber Castell 1/54
19/11/2013 Added:
FBC027: Faber Castell 167/87 Rietz
FUJ001: Fuji NO.1250
LEN001: Leningrad 5161-72
18/11/2013 Added:
FBC024: Faber Castell 111/87
FBC025: Faber Castell 52/80 Mentor
FBC026: Faber Castell 62/82
10/11/2013 Added:
NST072: Nestler N°43
NST073: Nestler Darmstadt Nr.0218
NST074: Nestler Nr.0290
RSS002: Reiss-Dramstadt-Record 3214
RSS003: Rietz

300 Slide Rule described!
09/11/2013 Added:
KLA001: Klawun Melio Rietz N°100
MSN004: Meissner Mono-Rietz
02/11/2013 Added: EBR004: Eco Bra Cosmos Nr.R154
30/05/2009 Added:
NST070: Nestler Rietz N°23R
NST071: Nestler Rietz N°14
23/05/2009 Added:
GRP022: Graphoplex Rietz 615
CEL001: Cellograf
01/06/2008 Added:
KEE002: K&E 4058W
ARS019: Aristo Rietz 99
31/05/2008 Added: NST069: Nestler 1
17/08/2007 Link section completely revised
Added LGX004: Logarex 27602-II
14/01/2006 Added:
ZZZ001: 1252 from Budapest
MCN012: Marcantoni N.12.5 AB
MCN013: Marcantoni N.12.5 AB
MCN014: Marcantoni N.12.5 C
MCN015: Marcantoni N°25 CA
MCN016: Marcantoni N.15.5 NB
MCN017: Marcantoni N.15.5 AB
FBC023: Faber Castell 2/83

End of backlog!
06/01/2006 Added:
EBR003: Eco Bra Spezial Nr.R143
NST066: Nestler Nr.0115
05/01/2006 Added:
NST063: Nestler ZO
MCN011: Maracntoni N?12.5 CA
NST064: Nestler N°42 Z
NST065: Nestler Nr. 11 ZR
FBC021: Faber Castell Stahlbeton 67/21
FBC022: Faber Castell 8/10
04/01/2006 Added:
AVM013: Antica Fabbrica Vittorio Martini Rietz 3991
GAM001: Gamma 2512
NST059: Nestler 0251 Alpha
NST060: Nestler N°9
NST061: Nestler 12a
NST062: Nsteler S
OTK001: Otis King Model K
TCS009: Tecnostyl: 40/R
ZZZ008: Gost 5161-57
ZZZ009: T.A.B. 12,5 - C
03/01/2006 Added:
STA001: Staedtler Mars 544 S
LGA001: Logar MSZ 4617-57
FBC020: Faber Castell 1/54
AVM012: Antica Fabbrica Vittorio Martini N°402 Elettro Cosfi
02/01/2006 Added:
FBC019: Faber Castell 57/88
ZZZ006: 5161-72
HMM014: Hemmi N°74
NST058: Nestler 0249 Elemathic
01/01/2006 Added:
BRT001: British Thornton AD050 Log Log
HMM013: Hemmi NoP24
MCN010: Marcantoni N°12.5RB
NST055: Nestler 0130 Multimath Duplex
NST056: Nestler Rietz 23a
NST057: Nestler Nr. 0440
PLG002: Plastigraf RL-12.5-GB
29/12/2005 Added:
ARS017: Aristo Studio 0968
NST054: Nestler Nr.26
27/11/2005 The site is completely restyled
05/02/2005 Added:
NST053: Nestler 11 O
GOS001: Gost 5161-57
29/01/2005 Added:
AVM011: Antica Fabbrica Vittorio Martini Darmstadt 404
MCN009: Marcantoni 10 NB
23/01/2005 This section added.
15/01/2005 "link" section added.
10/01/2005 15 new rules: the total number is now 231
01/01/2005 The site is published after a complete re-design. The site now is based on php and mysql.
216 slide rule described. The former site was at www.gbreda.com .