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Slide Rule & Mechanical Calculators
Collector's db
Collector Title Country
Andreas Tabak The Collection of Calculating Devices (TCOCD)  Germany
Andrew Davie Museum of Soviet Calculators on the Web 
Atsushi Tomozawa Atom's Page  Japan
Bruno Ferrighi Dall'Abaco al Computer  Italy
Cal Clifford Slide Rules  USA
Chris Osburn Slide Rule Collection  USA
Chris J. Sangwin Slide rules and other mathematical instruments  United Kingdom
Chris Gillings Slide Rules and Calculators  Australia
Christian M. Hamann The On-line museum  Germany
Christophe Mery Exposition Machines a Calculer  France
Daniel Sancho teclas.org  Spain
Darren Samphier Darren's Sliderule 
Dave Dave's House of Slide Rules 
Dave Van Domelen Dave's Online Nest  USA
David May Classic Collectors World  United Kingdom
David Davis Slide Rules @ David Bros. Navigation Page 
David M. Riches Mathematical Instruments - A private collection 
David Crate David Crate's Quality Slide Rules  USA
Detlef Zerfowski Mechanische Rechenhilfsmittel, Tomographie und eingebettete Systeme  Germany
Detlev Bölter Aus der Rechenmaschinen-Werkstatt  Germany
Dick Lyon Otis King's Patent Calculator  USA
Dick Rose Vintage Instruments  USA
Dries Molen   Netherlands
Erez Kaplan Calculating Machines  Israel
Eric B. Hall MathGeek 
Eric Marcotte Eric Marcotte's Personal Home Page  Canada
Ezio Raddi La collezione di Ezio Raddi  Italy
Felipe Marmy Computissimo - Muse de la informatica  Switzerland
Fred Fred's mechanical calculators . Highlights and list  Belgium
Friedrich Diestelkamp Welcome in the big world of small calculators  Germany
Giovanni Pastore I Regoli Calcolatori  Italy
Giuseppe Caltagirone Le mie calcolatrici my adding and calculating machines  Italy
Gonzalo Martin Photo Calcul  France
Greg Scott Greg's Slide Rules  Australia
Guillermo Castar Sito web de Guillermo Castar  Argentina
Hans Bloemen www.calculatormuseum.nl  Holland
Harry Teicher Harry Teicher's Home Page  Denmark
I. Pairin Slide Rules in Thailand 
Jörn Lütjens Jörn's Online Museum  Germany
J. F. Zazza JFZazza reglas de calculo web 
Jaime Hernan Redin X Number World of calculators  USA
Jan Meyer Geschichte der Rechenhilfsmittel (Von Jan Meyer)  Germany
Jason Waskiewicz The Slide Rule  USA
Jay M. Goldman Office Collectibles - Private collection of Jay M. Goldman  Canada
Jim Askew Slide Rule Operations  USA
Joe Pasquale Joseph Pasquale Home Page  USA
John Wolff John Wolff's Web Museum  Australia
John Current John Current's Home Page 
John J.G. Savard John Savard's Home Page  Canada
Kees Nagtegaal MechaniCalculator.com  Netherlands
Kent Walker Kent Walker's Home Page  USA
Kevin J. Odhner Odhner Calculator Memorial Site 
Kim Hemmi-roid  Japan
Luis Fernandes Abacus - The art of Calculating with Beads  Canada
Martin Cohen Topics in High School Mathematics  USA
Michael Gährken Michael Gährken(')s Homepage  Germany
Michel Bardel Michel Bardel  France
Nathan Zeldes Possibly interesting  Israel
Nico Baaijens Calculating Machines - My collection  Netherlands
Nigel Bromley About Slide Rules  United Kingdom
Nigel Tout Nigel Tout Home Page 
Paolo Daniele Scarpazza The Scarpaz Site  Italy
Paul Ross The Slide Rule Trading Co. 
Paulo Boselli Museu da Calculadora  Brazil
Peter Holland Slide Rules / Rechenschieber  Germany
Peter Owen Peter Owen - Collector of Slide Rules  United Kingdom
Rainer Stumpe Rainer Stumpe  Germany
Reinhard Atzbach Mein Rechner tut's auch ohne Strom...  Germany
Reto Ambrosini Strumenti di calcolo  Italy
Richard Carter Slide Rule Collection  USA
Rod Lovett Rod Lovett's Slide Rules 
Ron Manley Ron Manley's Slide Rules site  United Kingdom
Sergei Frolov Russian Slide Rule  Russia
Stephan Georgi A collectors family  Germany
Stephan Weiss Contributions to the History of Mechanical Calculation  Germany
Ted Hume Slide Rule Shop  USA
Todd Tolhurst Todd Tolhurst  USA
Tom Bullock Tom Bullock 
Tom Dilatush Tom Dilatush's Collection of Mechanical Computing Devices  USA
Tullio Parravicini Calcolatrici e Strumenti di Calcolo Meccanico  Italy
Ugo Mainieri La raccolta di strumenti di calcolo  Italy
W. E. Jones My Slide Rule Collection 
Walter Szrek Calculators' Page  USA
Walter Shawlee The Slide Rule Universe  Canada
Wolf G. Blümich Mechanische Rechenhilfsmittel  Germany
Zvi Doron The UltraLog Slide Rule 
Interesting sites about
Slide Rules and Mechanical Calculators
Title Country
Évolution des machines à calculer  Canada 
A Brief History of Computing - Complete Timeline  United Kingdom 
Addiator  Germany 
Allard's Computer Museum Groningen  Netherlands 
Antiques of a Mechanical Nature   
Arithmometre.org  France 
Associazione Italiana Collezionisti Macchine per scrivere, Calcolo e da ufficio in genere  Italy 
Auction Team Breaker   
Concise  Japan 
Curta Startseite   
Derek's Virtual Slide Rule Gallery   
Die große Enzyklopädie des mechanischen Rechnens  Germany 
Early Office Museum   
Fine Drafting Room Antiques   
Gilai Collectibles - Scientific Instruments   
Homo Calculus  France 
IBM Archives: Valuable resources on IBM's history   
Indian Creek Antiques & Collectables - Slide Rules & Slide Rule Books   
Internationales Forum Historische Bürotechniken e. V.  Germany 
ISER - Informatik Sammlung Erlangen  Germany 
Joel J. Goodman Antiques   
K&E Catalogs Main Page   
Kung's OnLine Slide Rule BookMark   
Martindale's The Reference Desk   
Mathematics HQ   
Meccano Computing Machinery web site   
Mechanical Aids to Computation and the Development of Algorithms  United Kingdom 
Mechanical calculation   
Moonstick Information Site   
Museo Virtuale del Computer  Italy 
Museum of Pocket Calculating Devices  Germany 
Muzeum Maszyn Biurowych  Poland 
Nederlandse Kring van Verzamelaars van Rekenlinialen  Netherlands 
Nigel Bromley  United Kingdom 
Office Machines Americana  USA 
Original Documents on the History of Calculators   
Pascaline  France 
Purveyors of American Patented & Mechanical Antiques   
Rechenfreund  Germany 
Rechenmaschinen - Illustrated   
Rechenschieber  Germany 
Rechenschieber-Brief - Seite der deutschsprachigen Rechenschieber-Sammler  Germany 
Scientific Computing World   
Slide Rule - A simple explanation of a clever calculator  United Kingdom 
Slide Rule - The history, theory and use of the engineering slide rule   
Slide Rule Museum   
Steve Burton's Homepage   
Swedish Typewriter Page  Sweden 
System / Source - Computer Museum  USA 
Tehnolemn Timisoara Slide Rule Archive (Romanian Riglas de Calcul)   
The Chestnut Ridge Typewriter Museum  USA 
The CURTA Calculator Page   
The Gemmary   
The hold calculator web museum   
The International Slide Rule Group   
The Macleay Museum  Australia 
The Museum of HP Calculators - Slide Rules   
The Oughtred Society   
The Slide Rule Guy   
The Slide Rule Shop  United Kingdom 
Treasures of the Science Museum - Mathematics and computing  United Kingdom 
United Kingdom Slide Rule Circle  United Kingdom 
Vintage calculators web museum   
Würzburger Sammlung historischer Rechenmaschinen  Germany 
What Can You Do With A Slide Rule?  USA 
Wikipedia - Slide Rule   

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